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  • What is your design approach?

    We are a design-driven development company. Our approach combines a strong technical foundation with design ideas to help the world notice your product.

  • What is a startup branding?

    A brand is a set of perceptions, associations, and emotions in the mind of the consumer. Branding is a marketing strategy, the primary purpose of which is to form the necessary perceptions, associations, and emotions in consumers' minds. The primary purpose of brand development is to increase customer loyalty and make the brand recognizable.

  • Do you make branding?

    Our Dsignxt team, as a mobile application design company, specializes in creating the most comprehensive branding solutions: brand building, rebranding, startup branding, and more.

  • Do you make projects from scratch?

    Yes, we craft products from scratch — app design services. All you need is an idea. From there, our team of professionals and we will suggest the best options and ideas to develop your digital product so that it is unique in the market and finds its customer quickly.

  • Do you have development capabilities?

    Our company as a web design and development agency deals with comprehensive product development, from the idea to its entire digital launch, with the possibility of further changes and improvements. So yes, we have opportunities to develop your product.

  • What is an E-Commerce website?

    It is a web-based application for selling products and services online. Such websites are usually more complex and require more maintenance.

  • What are E-Commerce website design and development services?

    E-Commerce development is an elaborate process. The services involve everything from designing the pages themselves to the UX, in-depth customer behavior analysis, implementing checkout and online payment processes, etc.

  • What is Back-End Development

    The back-end development process is the most important and is closely related to the front-end developer's work. Without a back-end developer, the web designer's everything and described by the front-end developer will not function. The Backend services for websites or an application consists of three parts: the server, the API (Application Programming Interface), and the database. These components deliver the data or services requested by the interface system or software. The backend web development is the hardware and software part of the project. All the things that happen on the server-side and remain invisible to the user. The server itself is also part of the backend, only the hardware. Backend developers, as a rule, work primarily with precise analysis and calculations, where there is almost no creative, humanitarian component. At the same time, they need to calculate all possible outcomes of operations and understand the causes of errors that appeared on the client-server-client path.

  • How long does a project take to complete from start to finish?

    Depending on the type and scope of a project, it takes about 3 months to develop the so-called minimum viable product or MVP. However, it’s worth noting that for many successful projects there isn’t a defined finishing line to mark the end of development. Many products need to be continuously developed and updated to be in line with the market trends.

  • What is SEO?

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to improve its visibility on search engines. By optimizing your site, you can ensure it ranks higher on search engine result pages (SERP), resulting in more traffic, customers, and greater brand recognition.

  • How Does SEO Work?

    We develop a reliable SEO strategy to optimize your site, including:

    • Page optimization;
    • Improving user experience;
    • Technical error elimination;
    • Improving the link profile;
    • Other practices aimed at ensuring your website is useful to visitors and ranks higher on search engines.
  • How much do SEO services cost?

    The cost of SEO services varies depending on the amount of work required to optimize your site, including writing articles and placing high-quality links. We offer a free analysis of your site to provide an estimated price.

  • Will blogging help SEO?

    Yes, blogging can drive thematic traffic to your site, making it an authority in your niche. It positively affects the evaluation of the entire site, and blog traffic can be converted to increase your profit.

  • How long does SEO take?

    The time it takes to achieve SEO results depends on the current state of the site, the niche, and the goals. Typically, the first results of promotion are visible after 4–6 months of work, however, these initial results are just the beginning and not the complete fulfillment of the goal.

  • What Services do you Provide?

    At Halo Lab, we’re all about creativity and innovation. Our design services include web design, UI/UX design, mobile app design, branding, and eCommerce design. We also offer development services such as software development, CMS, back-end, front-end, and web development. In addition, our marketing services cover everything from SEO and content marketing to pitch deck design and conversion rate optimization.

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